For honor – new hitokiri heroes
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Year 3, Season 2 of For Honor has begun, this season welcomes A new Hero the Hitokiri. A Samurai wielding axe warrior, the Hitokiri are ghostly, remorseless executioners who distill fear in any opponents that dare cross the battlefield.

Available as a female version (named Sakura) or male (Yato), the Hitokiri can enter a special state known as “Mugen-ryu, which enables them to perform special moves and chain heavy attacks.”

The Hitokiri is available now to Year 3 pass owners, other players can unlock the Hitokiri for 15,000 Steel starting on May 9.

Year 3, Season 2 also introduces a new map, Canopy, a Samurai settlement at the heart of a sacred grove. Canopy available now is free to all For Honor players.

Check the official patch notes, for a full list of changes this season.

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