Fortnite season 10 event destroys original map with a blackhole, indicating a new map?
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Fortnite Season 10 event destroys original map with a blackhole, indicating a new map?

Epic Games has been teasing ‘The End’ leading up to the conclusion of Season 10 and it appears as if they weren’t lying. Fortnite is current UNPLAYABLE as millions of Fortnite gamers and streamers are left staring at a blackhole as we all patiently await the beginning of a new season and if you believe the rumors, a new map! (Thanks to Gamespot for the footage)

Millions of Fortnite fans watched as the counter reached 0, indicating the beginning of the end. The rocket that was built over the course of the season launched into space, causing numerous rifts and seemingly duplicating itself dozens of times. Before long, dozens of rockets focused their paths onto a singular rift located at the meteor itself. Suddenly, the meteor passed through a new, final rift and began hurling down on Loot Lake. Players could only watch as once the meteor breached the shield, they were sent uncontrollably in the air as the entire map was sucked into a black hole, ceasing existence of the Fortnite world as we know it.

Since then, players have been met with nothing more than a black hole when they log into Fornite. This has basically broken the internet as social media has been flooded with upset gamers who simply just want to play Fortnite. No word on when servers will be back up with presumably the new map, but Epic may want to hurry up as there’s millions of angry games. Lucky enough, Epic have included a mini-game to pass time. Simply press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, and you’ll forgive Epic for the delay (Thanks to IGN).

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