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Frostpunk The Board Game Funded on Kickstarter in 54 Minutes!

Frostpunk The Board Game Keeps the Never Ending Freeze, Never Ending!

The never-ending freeze really is never-ending and this time Frostpunk has turned to Kickstarter to fund the latest instalment, Frostpunk The Board Game. This is, of course, a tabletop adaptation of the hugely successful survival city-builder Frostpunk. Check out the official reveal trailer below.

“In our wildest dreams we didn’t think that it would happen that fast! Frostpunk is a well-known IP, and we can guarantee that the unplugged adaptation will live up to its name with gameplay focused on strategic decisions and grim narration. For us, the campaign launch is just the beginning of the road, but we couldn’t be happier doing it while knowing we produce this game for such an amazing community. From the deepest depths of our hearts – thank you for such a wonderful reception of our game”. Jakub Wiśniewski, CEO of Glass Cannon Unplugged.

Frostpunk The Board Game key features:

  • Different player roles ease the learning curve which allows newcomers to enjoy the game.
  • Innovative heating and generator cube tower mechanics with a custom-designed system of cube-catching and risk management. 
  • A worker-placement mechanic where your meeples get sick and hungry and have ethics and social demands! 
  • Narrative-driven Dusk card mechanics steer the society using Law and Technology and bear the consequences of in-game decisions.
  • A fascinating mix of snow-apocalypse and steampunk worlds to be discovered through expeditions deep into the Frostland.
  • A companion app that allows for shared playthrough between distant players.

For more on Frostpunk, check out our previous coverage.

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