Gears 5 allows you to buy characters with real money
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Gears 5 allows you to buy characters with real money

There’s only a few months until the highly anticpated Gears 5 is released, September 10 to be exact, and the news is slowly starting to leak out. Recently Gears of War Multiplayer Design Director Ryan Cleven spoke with Gamespot and revealed that their multiplayer model will differ from previous releases. In fact, they’re taking a page from Rainbow Six Siege and will allow players to either grind away to unlock characters or get their credit cards out and buy characters using real money.

Gears 5 allows you to buy characters with real money

“As new Hero characters impact gameplay, they will be both earnable and purchasable to players to maintain an equal playing field” Ryan told Gamespot, “Players have full visibility into the Hero Character they are selecting, and there is no randomness involved. New maps and Escape Hives will be free to all.”

This multiplayer model works quite well for Siege. The only complaint is that new players are limited to only a few characters, while experienced players will have a much deeper character pool. This is something Ryan addresses, further explaining that “The new structure is built to respect player choice: earnable items are not purchasable, purchasable items are not earnable, and free items are only free. The player always knows what they get if they are earning or purchasing content”.

Other interesting tibits from Ryan’s interview is that there will be cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC (Like Gears of War 4), keyboard and mouse option for Xbox One users as console users need all the help they can get, no Season Pass, no Gear Packs, regular FREE DLC map releases, exclusive earnable content will be available via the all-new Tour of Duty system and that all store purchases are for direct items- no RNG involved.

Want to read more? Head over and check out Gamespot’s full interview with Ryan here.

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