Geekfam to announce new roster featuring ex-mineski/fnatic/tnc predator
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GeekFam to announce new roster featuring ex-Mineski/Fnatic/TNC Predator

After a disapointing SEA Open Qualifiers, GeekFam are looking to rebuild their roster around their carry Raven. If you believe rumors (which I’m sure you do if you’re reading this), then GeekFam have assembled quite an impressive team ahead of the new DPC season.

Geekfam to announce new roster featuring ex-mineski/fnatic/tnc predator
  1. Raven
  2. Ahjit
  3. Kuku
  4. Bimbo/ragingpotato
  5. DuBu

After being replaced by Nikobaby ahead of Mineski’s Regional Qualifiers, Ahjit will be GeekFam’s new mid laner. Ahjit won’t be the only familiar face from Mineski, Bimbo (or ragingpotato as he’s commonly known as) will be the new position 4. As Fnatic recently confirmed their roster, this has also confirmed that much loved support player DuBu is no longer part of their roster, meaning he will likely take the 5 position and captaincy. Rounding out the team is former TNC offlaner Kuku, who appears to have been replaced by kpii if you again, believe the rumors.

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Kpii and march to join tnc predator?

kpii and March to join TNC Predator?

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