Ghost recon breakpoint - 4v4 pvp a new kind of ghost war
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Ghost Recon Breakpoint – 4V4 PVP A New Kind of Ghost War

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is set to launch on October 4, bringing a whole new kind of Ghost War to the occupied tech paradise of Auroa. With 4V4 PVP skirmishes (battle royale) elimination and sabotage modes along with 6 maps, changeable weather and a day/night time cycle.

You’ll keep your Ghost and be able to bring any character progression you’ve made in the campaign to PVP. That means your favorite gear, weapons, custom loadouts, perks, and class abilities will all be at your disposal. So stay hidden and kill silent… or don’t, what ever you are into really!
The progression also works in reverse so any loot, or other rewards you earn in PVP will also be available to use in the PVE campaign.

“We want PVP to be balanced and fair,” says Alexandru Rais, lead game designer on Ghost War. “We did this by adding PVP-specific tuning to the game; this means there are some systems – for example, weapons – where we tweak the stats a bit to ensure there are no overpowered weapons in PVP. This, in return, allows players to use all the weapons in PVP as well, choose whatever weapon they like, and whatever weapon fits their playstyle.

Ghost recon breakpoint - 4v4 pvp a new kind of ghost war

Changes to healing items, drones, and class-specific abilities are coming. Dedicated servers will be ready for Ghost Wars on launch, which is a win in anyone’s books. The developers have also promised to monitor the servers with more direct control over restricting hacking or cheating. And that’s only the beginning of what’s in store for Ghost Recon Breakpoint with new maps, modes, and special events all promised to their dedicated fans.

Ghost recon breakpoint - 4v4 pvp a new kind of ghost war

Ghost Recon Breakpoint launches on October 4 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC including Uplay+, and for Stadia when ofcourse that launches.

Ghost recon breakpoint - 4v4 pvp a new kind of ghost war

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