Ghost recon breakpoint episode 2: deep state available now!
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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Episode 2: Deep State Available Now!

Episode 2 of Ghost Recon Breakpoint has landed, bringing with it Jimmy’s favorite snuggle buddy, Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell. Titled Deep State, Episode 2 brings a whopping eight-mission adventure, Operation Checkmate, and two new Ghost classes.

Episode 2’s campaign, Operation Checkmate, teams the Ghosts with Sam Fisher and puts them on the trail of the sinister Strategist. Not only is the Strategist devising a way to control drones with his mind, but there’s evidence that he’s captured Midas, one of your missing squadmates. The first mission of Operation Checkmate and its rewards are available now for all players, although the remainder of the campaign is exclusive to Year 1 Pass owners, UPLAY+ subscribers, and players who purchase it separately. (Players who don’t own the campaign can play alongside players who do, although they won’t earn the Splinter Cell-themed rewards that come from completion.)

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is available now on Xbox One, PS4, PC including UPLAY+, and Stadia. Year 1 Pass owners and UPLAY+ subscribers also get one-week exclusive access to the two new classes, Engineer and Echelon.

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