Ghost recon breakpoint - to launch with extensive accessibility features
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Ghost Recon Breakpoint – To Launch With Extensive Accessibility Features

Get ready soldiers because the Wolves are almost at your door as Ghost Recon Breakpoint launches on October 4, bringing with it a slew of customization’s including a full remapping of keyboard, mouse, and controller inputs. The ability to fully remap the controller is a first for a Ubisoft title and a wide array of visual and auditory settings will have you customizing your best Breakpoint experience

“We want Ghost Recon Breakpoint to be a game that everyone can enjoy,” says UX Director Matthew Tomkinson. “Offering the right options and the most extensive settings customization we could is one of the many ways we strived to achieve this objective.”

Ghost recon breakpoint - to launch with extensive accessibility features

Tobii eye-tracking software can now be used to navigate menus, perform in-game actions, follow the player’s eyes, or the player can press a hotkey, use the item wheel, head-tracking, and more.

“We are very proud of the work our team did on the accessibility of Breakpoint,” says Tomkinson, “and we have started to see some really positive comments about it during our Closed Beta. We will keep gathering feedback even after launch to make sure we provide the best possible experience to all players.”

For a full list of the features coming to Breakpoint check them out here. For any information you may be chasing for Breakpoint I am sure MEF TECH has you covered here. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be available on PC, PS4 & Xbox One October 4th, 2019.

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