Gigabyte g2 renewed partnership
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GIGABYTE AORUS and G2 Esports Renew Partnership

GIGABYTE AORUS and G2 Esports Renew Partnership

GIGABYTE AORUS, has just announced that they have extended the strategic partnership with G2 Esports, for a 4th consecutive year. Both parties have agreed to team up once again and look forward to being more a dominant force in esports.

Gigabyte aorus and g2 esports renew partnership

From playing professionally and now as CEO of G2 Esports, hardware has played an integral part of my success. AORUS has provided us with affordable, stable and reliable PCs and After 3 years of working together successfully, renewal is the natural progression of our partnership. I’m excited to see where we take this in the future. So far, it’s been a fun, enjoyable ride where we felt like we played a positive role in AORUS’ success. Let the show go on. ” –Carlos Rodriguez

Eddie Lin, VP of GIGABYTE’s AORUS Integrated Marketing Communications Team also commented on the renewed partnership: “Teamwork makes the dream work. For the past three years, AORUS and G2 made a great team together and have achieved incredible work in creating content and co-branded collaboration for the esports community. Now we are beyond thrilled to see our strong comradery continues. With so many exciting projects lined up ahead, we cannot wait to see what the future holds in 2021. Let’s rise together and win together. Team Up. Fight On!”

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