GIGABYTE Launches New Compact Power Supplies
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GIGABYTE Launches New Compact Power Supplies

GIGABYTE, manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards, and a multitude of other gaming gear, today announced three new designs of power supplies: P750GM – 750W 80 PLUS Gold certified with a fully modular design, P550B – 550W 80 PLUS Bronze certified, and P450B – 450W 80 PLUS Bronze certified.

GIGABYTE has improved upon previous circuit design and has adopted new high-quality materials so that a standard 750-watt power supply with a length of 16 – 18 cm can now be reduced significantly down to 14 cm. Reduced-size power supplies offer countless possibilities for installation in the popular small case market. With these new designs, even the most modest cases can enjoy the high performance of large wattage setups.

GIGABYTE Launches New Compact Power Supplies

The P750GM provides 750 watts of power and is perfect for new high-end graphics cards and CPUs, allowing gamers to enjoy graphics-intensive games without worrying about the power shortages. Also, the P750GM introduces a new fan stop function that sees the fan stop when the power consumption is less than 20% or prevents the fan from spinning during standby, thus increasing the unit’s longevity.

The P750GM is 80 PLUS Gold certified, ensuring a maximum conversion efficiency of greater than 90%. The fully modular design ensures that only the cables needed are installed, helping to make PCs look cleaner and increase heat dissipation.

GIGABYTE Launches New Compact Power Supplies

The P550B and P450B can provide 550 and 450 watts of power, respectively. Both power supplies are made from high-quality materials with 80 PLUS Bronze certification, providing a maximum conversion efficiency of more than 85%. A sizeable 12cm fan with a hydraulic bearing reduces the unit’s noise and is 1.4 times longer than the standard sleeve bearing.

GIGABYTE Launches New Compact Power Supplies

GIGABYTE created these three power supplies to satisfy any level gamer and all sizes of setups. The simple design of a single +12V rail allows users to use it without having to plan the wattage distribution. The new power supplies are also designed with OVP/OPP/SCP/UVP/OCP/OTP current and voltage protection to provide peace of mind for long term use.

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Written by Logan Manfredi

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