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Goat of Duty is actually a Thing and I am glad I have finally seen this!

Look, I know I may be a little slow on discovering things like this… but…. if I am going to post about Wanking simulators and a f*****g SnakeyBus, well then I am sure as hell going to post about Goats of Duty. Yep you heard that right once again, Gotas of Duty is basically a FPS (First person shooter or in this case FGS First goat shooter, I guess.) Anyways check out the teaser below.

As you can see, its pure mayhem, absolute goat carnage of the highest kind. It’s almost like if Quake and Goat Simulator had a baby and this is the end result. I for one am not tell you to open up your wallets and buy this game… Oh no, all I am saying is between this and Wanking Simulator I wont have any money left to spend. SHUT UP and TAKE MY MONEY!!! Check out their steam page for a better glimpse into the common life of a goat on the battlefield.

Goat of duty is actually a thing and i am glad i have finally seen this!
New sexy costumes to pimp out your Goats too.

A few new costumes have just been announced today too, so if you feel like making your goat the meanest / sexiest goat this side of the farm, then you go right ahead. Mc Goat that has just stumbled out of it’s favorite burger joint, Donald Goat has taken time off of president of the United States of Goats and a Goatham Knight Goat, which is truly the Goat Gotham deserves! Either way Goat carnage is incoming soon.

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