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GoldenEye 64 Campaign is getting a remake

The classic James Bond shooter that smashed it’s way into gaming history GoldenEye 64 is getting a fan remake. If you are anything like me then you spent hundreds of hours in this game, perfecting everything you could, unlocking every level timed cheat, calling your bestfriend when you finished the Facility under 2 minutes 05, pretty much everything that could be done in this game I done! So you can only guess my excitement when I see things like the video below showing off the remade Silo level.
Holy Sh*t Balls!

The level above will be part of the entire campaign which is all being remade by a small group of fans. Named GoldenEye 25 because they are going for a 2022 release date which will mark the 25th anniversary of the iconic movie. Second best thing about this besides it being the best game ever made? GoldenEye 25 will be released for FREE, so here’s hoping the lawyers stay the hell away with their cease and desist bu***hit.

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