Google lifts the lid on stadia
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Google Lifts the Lid on Stadia

In the words of Phil Harrison (Vice President and General Manager for Google), Stadia will make “one place for all the the ways we play”. Google’s game streaming service Stadia was teased at GDC this week and hopes to make the company a serious name for itself in the gaming world.

Google’s Stadia is a game streaming service which will let you play AAA titles from almost anywhere, browser, phone even Chromecasts. We’ve seen online game streaming services promised in the past, however hardware and internet infrastructure have always yielded substandard results. Google believes all that is about to change.

In the demo provided at GDC, Harrison showed off the ability to move a game in progress instantaneously from one device to the next, picking up exactly where you left off. Part of Google’s vision is to tie the platform in with YouTube, allowing publishers to include a ‘Play Now’ button in game trailers. Opening a game from a link is a cinch and load times are expected to be as quick as 5 seconds. The Stadia Controller was also teased and allows players to broadcast directly to YouTube, making it a streamers wet dream.

Probably one of the most interesting points was the concept of the data centre being your platform. This means game developers are no longer restricted by the physical hardware in your home, but the hardware in the Googles data centres… which lets face it, they’re more likely to upgrade then the average gamer.

Stadia will launch this year in US, UK, Canada and most of Europe and will support resolutions up to 4k with HDR and surround sound. Future updates will give us glorious 8k @ 120 fps.

Find out more at the official website.

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