Granblue fantasy versus announcements
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Granblue Fantasy Versus announcements

Earlier today via the official Granblue Fantasy Versus Twitter account it was revealed the release date for the Steam version of the game.

According to the tweet the game will release worldwide on March 13 on Steam. It has not been disclosed if there are plans for a future crossplay integration across all avalaible platforms for the game, however this is exciting news for GBVS PC fans as they will not have to wait for long.

Unfortunately for those who like the PC/mobile versions of Granblue Fantasy and unlike its console counterpart, the Steam version will not come with special game codes.

Two character were also annoucned and will be ready on March 3: Chaos Bringer/Beelzebub (announced last week) and Narmaya (announced ealrier today) as part of the first wave of DLC characters available for the game.

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