Granblue fantasy: versus - release dates confirmed
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Granblue Fantasy: Versus – Release Dates Confirmed

Granblue Fantasy: Versus has been keeping the western FGC on their toes specially after the announcement of the japanese release date this Thursday, February 6.

It is known that japanese-developed games, specially fighting games have been relesead with months (or even entire years like Tekken 7) of delay between the release in NA and EU and Japan, and for this genre in particular, that usually translated in the japanese crew in having not only enjoyed the game more on its ‘honeymoon’ or ‘discovery’ phase but also gave them the edge competively, as they had more experience with these games than their western counterparts.

However, XSEED Games has recently announced that Granblue Fantasy: Versus will launch in North America on March 3rd 2020. Albeit, it is almost a month behind the JP version, bein Cygames‘ first global release, it could have been much worse.

You can follow the link on the tweet, or click here to pre order your PS4 copy of the game (no official PC release announcement has been done, unfortunately, but keep your eyes open for it) and soar into the Sky Realm!

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