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Green Hell Celebrates Anniversary with a “Making of” Video

Green Hell Celebrates Anniversary with a “Making of” Video

Green Hell is a game about survival and probably one of the best I have ever played if I’m being honest. You must find your way through a dense jungle making sure your water, carbs, and sanity are all maintained, all the while staying safe from the dangers that lurk within the Peruvian jungle. We rated it highly in our review and the best thing was it was only in early access then. since then it has only got better, receiving more content to keep players intrigued or even a Co-Op Multiplayer to let you survive the world with a friend.

Today marks the 1st year anniversary of Green Hell the team at Creepy Jar have released a little look into the behind the scenes of the ultimate survival game. Check out the video titled “Making of Green Hell” below.

If you wish to grab yourself a copy of Green Hell head on over to their Steam page and get 25% off right now until the end of the week.

For more on Green Hell, check out our previous coverage.

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