GSA SMM2 Endless Mode Tournament Final
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GSA SMM2 Endless Mode Tournament Final

Congratulations to Thabeast721 for taking out GSA’s Super Mario Maker 2 Endless Mode Tournament.

Back in August GSA (Global Speedrun Association) kicked off the Super Mario Marker 2 tournament, pitting the greatest SMM2 plays against each other in a bracket style competition to see who would come out on top as the greatest Mario Maker 2 player of all time.

The bracket racing saw each play compete against each other for points at least once in Divisions A and B in order to advance to the playoffs. Players are given 15 minutes to complete as many levels as possible, skipping as they like.

GSA SMM2 Endless Mode Tournament Final
Thabeast721 vs Slade in the playoffs

The rules: (Found on

All races will be done on expert difficulty

Timing starts when pressing A to begin level 1 in your Endless Challenge attempt

Whoever has completed more levels when the timer hits 0 will have won that race

If runners have completed the same number of levels when time runs out during a race, the next runner to complete a level will be the winner

Game overs will result in a 1 level clear deduction from your total for that race. If you game over, you can still continue and start a new expert Endless Challenge attempt to add more level clears to your race’s overall score with the time you have left.

In cases of close finishes where a runner may have finished a level just before the timer hit 0 and it impacts the result of the match, the stream producer and commentator(s) will decide who appeared to be the winner in the moment. GSA Staff will retime the runs after the stream to ensure the correct runner was given the win.

In cases where it is discovered that the wrong runner was given the win after retiming, GSA Staff will notify runners of the correct winner. 

If the match is a series, the runners will schedule a new day to continue their match (e.g. a runner appears to have won 3-1 in a best of 5 series, but after post-stream retiming, the score is now 2-2. Runners will then schedule a day to continue their match)

Forfeiting a match without completing all 3 races will result in a 2 point deduction in the standings

Please keep breaks between your 3 matches to a minimum of 2-3 minutes max

Note that you must have in game comments OFF

After months of battling and hundreds of sacrificed Yoshi the season came to a head over the weekend with Thabeast721 taking on LilKirbs in the grand final for all the marbles.

Notable streamers who fell shy of the Grand Final include Tempo Trihex, Slade, Ryukah, iiPK and Thedragonfeeney

GSA SMM2 Endless Mode Tournament Final
Playoffs standings

In the end it wasThabeast721 who reigned supreme taking home the win the final match 4 games to 2.

GSA host a stack of events (not just Mario) so hit them up on twitch if you’re interested: or on twitter @GlobalSpeedrun 

You can follow Thabeast721 @ and LilKirbs @

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