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Guilty Gear Strive Closed Beta Test announced

Last night ArcSystemWorks via their twitter account said they will host a Closed Beta Test for their upcoming title Guilty Gear -Strive- .

The testers will be selected randomly and the results will be revelead between April 12 and April 13 2020. However, people who took the surveys at ArcREVO 2019, Frosty Faustings, EVO Japan 2020, and JAEPO 2020 will have a guarenteed spot in the beta.

The beta will be PS4 only and will be divided by regions, these being Japan, North America, Europe and Asia (Japan excluded); players will not be requiring PS Plus to partake in the online gameplay and the seven revealed characters (Sol, Ky, May, Axl, Chip, Potemkin and Faust) will all be playable.

This test will begin on April 15th with the download and the offline mode available the next day, April 16; the online mode will run for the following three days (17-19).

One of the most expected news for online Guilty Gear fans players is the official announcement of rollback netcode for the game, which was heavily favoured over delay-based netcode in the surveys. The beta, however will have the latter as ArcSys revealed that the rollback implementation is not ready yet.

As a final update, ArcSys announced that a new trailer for the game will be coming up in the next couple of days, so we will stay tuned for more information.

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