Halo 2: anniversary edition comes to pc
Halo 2: Anniversary - Microsoft
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Halo 2: Anniversary Edition Comes to PC

Halo 2: Anniversary Edition – Steam

Microsoft is releasing its remastered version of the classic Halo 2 to PC coming May 15th.

Back in 2004 Microsoft released the much anticipated follow up to Halo with Halo 2, creative naming I know. Halo 2 was a massive boost to the online and LAN gaming scene and cemented the Original XBOX as a must-have console.

The remastered Anniversary edition comes with updated graphics, soundtrack and sound effects. Perhaps the most fun part is the ability to toggle from remastered to classic graphics at whim, so depending on your mood you can choose between new and shiny or pixely and retro.

Halo 2: anniversary
Halo 2: anniversary edition comes to pc 1

Halo 2: Anniversary will be available both individually and as part of the Master Chief Collection. If you haven’t played any of the Halos because you are or were part of the PlayStation clan now is the time to put your prejudices aside and get around a classic gaming franchise. Transport yourself back to a time of crop tops, cargo pants and ADSL internet.

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