Halo: combat evolved is back on steam, again
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Halo: Combat Evolved is back on Steam, again

In somewhat of a surprise, everyone’s favourite Chief is back on Steam. The original (and arguably the best) instalment of the Halo franchise quietly appeared on Steam today with absolutely no warning or publicity of its release. This release is the second title to be released as part of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection that originally saw the release of Halo: Reach back in December last year.

Of course, this isn’t the original edition that graced our Xbox’s back in 2001, this Steam edition is a remastered version of the original game, which features all the bells and whistles you would expect such as multiplayer, 4K UHD resolution, 60 FPS, and even the ability to toggle between “classic game graphics and the fully enhanced version”.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary edition and Halo: Master Chief Collection are both available on Steam and Microsoft Store, with the former available on Steam for $11.45AUD, while the MCC can be picked up for $49.95AUD. The MCC is set to all 6 Halo titles (excluding Halo 5) in a staggered release schedule.

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