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Halo Reach’s PC Test “Illegally Distributed” Ban Hammer Incoming

While fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming Halo game for PC, a handful of these people were given a chance to play a small test of a single level. It appears that the test called “Insiders MCC Flight One” has now been leaked online and 343 Industries is about to wave the ban hammer

Halo reach's pc test "illegally distributed" ban hammer incoming
Halo reach's pc test "illegally distributed" ban hammer incoming 1

To be fair can you blame 343 really? This is one of the main reasons PC gamers can’t have nice things.

The game itself is due in 2019 so a release won’t be to far off. Is it really worth getting banned over one level? no matter how unbelievable that level may be.

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