Hardcore tatical strategy corruption 2029 coming february 17
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Hardcore Tatical Strategy Corruption 2029 Coming February 17

The Bearded Ladies are best known for the excellent turn-based tatical masterpiece Mutant Year Zero, a game that I had very high praise for. Today the indie developers announced that they have a new release of the horizon, a hardcore turn-based tatical adventure called Corruption 2029!

It’s easy to draw a number of comparisons between Corruption 2029 and MYZ, but if it’s not broken, why fix it?

Corruption 2029 is set in a dystopian America where a vicious civil war has broken out and you’re in charge to restore order. The game looks quite familiar to the MYZ franchise, with the obvious difference being that The Bearded Ladies are advertising this as a hardcore tactical game, rather than the semi-casual approach seen with MYZ.

Hardcore tatical strategy corruption 2029 coming february 17
Hardcore tatical strategy corruption 2029 coming february 17 1

Best of all, Corruption 2029 is only a short wait away, in fact 9 days away thanks to its February 17 release date. Corruption 2029 is set be an an Epic Store exclusive with no information avaliable regarding a console or Steam release.

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