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Humble Bundle June gives you Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Are you looking for a couple of new games to play this month? Well, good news, because Humble Bundle once again has you covered. Humble Bundle recently released their June bundle, however this time, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 is up for grabs early.

Humble bundle june gives you call of duty black ops 4

And incase you have been living on a mountain top with your head in the dirt, the Call Of Duty franchise is the number 1 most sold 1st person shooter franchise of all time. Although there is no campaign this time around with COD: Black Ops 4 there is still a very popular multiplayer mode, a battle royale mode (Blackout) and of course the ever popular zombies mode

For anyone not familiar with Humble Bundle, every month they sell a few games in a bundle…. a humble bundle…. for $12 a month. 1 – 3 to start the month and then a few released the following weeks after that. Best thing is you can cancel your subscription anytime and still get to keep your games.

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