Iceiceice & dubu out of fnatic, 23savage joins as new carry?
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iceiceice & DuBu out of Fnatic, 23savage joins as new carry?

Following the recent departures of Nikobaby, ninjaboogie and ragingpotato from Mineski, it appears as if fellow SEA powerhouses Fnatic will be making some drastic changes of their own, if you believe the rumors that is…

Hmm, what could this possibly mean? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Following an impressive TI9 qualifier run with Team Jinesbrus, 23savage looks destined to be added as Fnatic’s new carry. This means Jabz will move back to his traditional support position, while both DuBu and iceiceice find themselves looking for a new team. No word on who will replace iceiceice as Fnatic’s offlaner, or the statuses of DJ or Abed (both expected to remain with Fnatic), but if these rumors are true then it appears as if the SEA region is getting a big shake up ahead of the new DPC season.

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