Intel 10th gen preorder
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Intel 10th Gen Pre-orders Available in Australia

Intel 10th Gen Pre-order

Intel 10th generation processors have arrived in Australia, with retailers offering per-orders. The 10th gen line up, will feature Intel’s flagship Core i9-10900K processor claiming the title of “the world’s fastest gaming processor”. Reaching some impressive speeds of up to 5.3 GHz by utilizing Intel’s Thermal Velocity Boost

“A microprocessor technology developed by Intel that attempts to enable temporary higher performance on top of Turbo Boost Technology by opportunistically and automatically increasing the processor’s clock frequency out of the box.” –

While Intel’s press release does look promising, I think its worth holding out for some ‘in the wild’ benchmarks to start appearing before throwing cash towards an upgrade.

Intel 10th gen pre-order
Intel 10th gen pre-orders available in australia 1

kotaku has reported “Not all retailers have access to the full range of chips, and some retailers differ slightly on price – Mwave is selling the i9-10900KF for $899, while Scorptech is pushing the same chip for $919.” and it also sounds like there will be a wait for i3 quadcore chips and some of the 10th gen i5 hexacore lines.

Intel 10th Gen Desktop CPUs (Available in Australia)

CPUCores/ThreadsBase GHzBoost GHz (All Cores)TDP (Power)Integrated GraphicsPrice
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Intel 10th gen pre-order
Intel 10th gen pre-orders available in australia 2

Per-orders of the 10th generation processors are expected to start shipping next week. We will be certainty looking closely for benchmarks results in the following days.

For more on Intel, check out our previous coverage.

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