Jeff kaplan is killing goats!
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Jeff Kaplan is killing goats!

Not actual goats, but the now infamous team composition in Overwatch consisting of 3 tanks 3 healers (3,3).

For months now anyone playing Competitive Overwatch would have no doubt been ordered by a team mate to “Go Goats!” I myself have thrown the idea around in several games (with varying levels of success).

The team comp as been so popular for one very obvious reason, it works, not only does it work but, the Goats comp will blast through most other team combos with relative ease resulting in ggs and ez claps all round.

Many popular streamers, including ex-pro player Seagull (@A_Seagull) and Head Coach for Team Canada Jayne (@askjayne) have expressed their opinions in relation to the goats comp but, like it or love it, it’s here to stay.

That was at least until now:

The January 7 2019 PTR patch appears to be a shot aimed squarely at ending the dominance of Goats, leaving the Overwatch League to scramble to test new comps and strategies for the new season kicking off February 14.

The crux of the changes are a nerf to Brigitte (a core pick for Goats) and her Rally ultimate along with the effectiveness of the armour it provides.

The Rally ult now having a maximum duration of 30 seconds with the developers stating this should help prevent “..a snowballing effect where it was too difficult to deal with the increased health of Brigitte’s allies..” Players will need to put a bit more thought into how and when they use this ult and armour left over after a team fight will disappear over time, meaning it unlikely to be available for the next fight.

This, along with a damage reduction from armor (from -5 to -3) is great news for characters like Soldier 76 and Tracer who should feel relevant again and less like they are firing into an impenetrable all healing all damaging ball of fury.

D.Va mains have also been struck with a nerf with defence matrix cooldown time increasing, the idea bring other players we be able to, you know… use their ult without it being eaten.

And finally Reaper sees a huge buff with his Life steal increased from 30% to 50%. Making him an absolute unit and likely the bane of every tank main in the months to come.

So what does this mean for the players?

While change is difficult at the best of times, in a game like Overwatch a change to the meta is what keeps the game fresh and interesting and provides opportunity to players of all rank to experiment with new characters and strats.

Having said that, as is the nature of Overwatch good team comms beats out a good comp with bad comms any day of the week. So for the solo queue folk like me who have to deal with players not on mic or worse, rage quits, these changes are not likely to be that missing piece that help us break out of gold.

The full patch notes can be found here:

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Written by Joel Nitschke

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