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John Wick Hex Is a Turn based Strategy Game

John Wick and turn based strategy game do not sound like they will go hand in hand, because lets be honest, every since Theon Greyjoy killed his dog, John Wick has been going on an endless rampage. However, thanks to Mike Bithell Games, Lionsgate and Good Shepard Entertainment we are going to get to experience what its like if John Wick actually had to think about what the hell he’s doing.

Seriously though, if I don’t get to kill a bunch of guys in a bar with a F**king pencil, then really…. whats the point! It’s just in time for the release of the third movie John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum which I cannot wait to see. Although not much information as of yet has been released, no talk on which platform it will be on either, but PC and Mac will have there own timed exclusive of the Epic Games Store.

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