Kfc declares rainbow six siege the best game in the world
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KFC Declares Rainbow Six Siege The Best Game In The World

A “World Cup” of games has been battling it out on KFCGaming recently, with 64 games going at it in a complete elimination style competition. The games are decided based on community votes, with one game being eliminated and one staying on to fight another day! Everything from Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, Call Of Duty, Mario Kart and even classics like Zelda and Simpsons Hit & Run made it in to take a shot at the title. Check out a few votes below.

The final match up? Well that belonged to Minecraft Vs Rainbow Six Siege. Minecraft came through strong smashing Portal and Pokemon no probl;ems with over 70% of votes. They then made it into the Final by beating Mario Kart 78% vs 22% to secure there place. Rainbow Six however made it look a little bit more difficult, beating God Of War and Need For Speed in a much tighter contest, but then smashed Rocket League and Grand Theft Auto by a smashing 85% of votes to secure their spot in the final big dance!

The winner of course, Rainbow Six Siege dominating the final with 70% of the voters agreeing that it is undoubtedly the best video game in the world and I would tend to agree, it’s no BattleToads, but it is pretty damn good.

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