Kpii and march to join tnc predator?
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kpii and March to join TNC Predator?

UPDATE 2 (13/09/2019)- TNC Predator confirm former MVP.PHOENIX teammates kpii and March have joined TNC

UPDATE (13/09/2019)- TNC Predator confirm departure of Kuku and eyyou.

The International 2019 saw TNC Predator earn themselves a spot in the upper bracket following an impressive group stage. However, losing to both VG and Liquid saw their TI9 run come to an end, but you couldn’t help but feel like this TNC lineup showed glimpses of their potential as a team. So it’s interesting to hear the latest rumors out of SEA that kpii and March will join TNC Predator, meaning Kuku and eyyou are no longer with the orginization.

  1. Gabbi
  2. Armel
  3. kpii
  4. Tims
  5. March

Last week Kuku Tweeted ‘LFT’, seemingly confirming his departure from TNC. Recently, Kuku has been linked with joining GeekFam, although nothing has been officially confirmed by neither TNC or GeekFam. It seems as if eyyou will be joining Kuku in looking for a new start, although no rumors have surfaced yet about his potential movements.

kpii is the final member of Mineski to be linked with another team, thus seemingly confirming rumors of a Mineski rebuild. While March recently joined Fnatic as their coach prior to TI9, having recently played for J.Storm before that.

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