League of legends patch 9. 13 introduces teamfight tactics and new champion
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League of Legends Patch 9.13 introduces Teamfight Tactics and new champion

Patch 9.13 is here, and we all know what that means… Teamfight Tactics! While the addition of League’s Auto Chess is great, Riot have included a tonne of content in the latest patch that includes a new champion, significant changes to Udyr and Illaoi, Damage Text updates, buffs, nerfs and Arcade skins!

Finally, Teamfight Tactics is here

Let’s begin with the highly anticipated Teamfight Tactics. I’m sure many of you have been playing Teamfight Tactics in League’s PBE (or at least trying to get a game). The good news is that it’s finally here (albeit in a beta build). The bad news? Riot are rolling out the game mode region by region, meaning you may still have to wait until Tactics is available in your region. You can view the rollout map below;

  • June 25: OCE, JP
  • Morning of June 26: NA
  • Evening of June 26: TR, RU, EUNE/EUW
  • June 27: TH, PH, SG, KR, VN, TW
  • June 28: BR, LAN, LAS
Qiyana is here- June 29

League’s latest patch also introduces a new champion, Qiyana. Qiyana is a mysterious AD-based assassin that features a unique skillset that changes depending on the terrain she’s standing on. The “Empress of the Elements” will arrive to conquer the Rift on June 29.

Illaoi and Udyr both see significant changes in 9.13. These changes aren’t enough to warrant a rework, but enough to change their playstyle. Illaio gets a buff according to Riot as her W (Harsh Lesson) will now apply minimum damage that is also applied to turrets, while her E (Test of Spirit) see’s the duration decreased and time between attack reduced. Udyr’s changes are aimed to vary his playstyles with all of his abilities now being able to be leveled up 6 times. Along with this change, Udyr also receives various buffs on each of his abilities that should see Udyr pick and winrate increase.

One of my favorite additions is the vast improvement to Damage Text. Riot have added text colors that represent the type of damage inflicted. Physical damage is orange, magic damage is now always cyan and all true damage is white. Crit damage is also improved that “should feel more impactful and satisfying” according to the patch notes.

League of legends patch 9. 13 introduces teamfight tactics and new champion
Oh, hello there Caitlyn..

Aside from the rest of the nerfs, buffs, bug fixes and various other minor changes, Riot have also released this year’s Arcade skins, and they look fantastic. Kai’Sa and Caitlyn both receive Arcade skins, with Caitlyn also received a Prestige edition. Qiyana and Yasuo also get Battle Boss skins released as part of the patch.

To view the entire patch notes, visit League’s official Patch 9.13 notes here.

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