League of legends patch 9. 14 is live
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League of Legends Patch 9.14 is live

League of Legends patch 9.14 is here and it brings some interesting changes, to say the least. A heavy focus on counter mechanics with a long-term goal of making the game healthier and more strategic is apparant. These counter mechanics introduce a number of counters to common and powerful effects, seemingly aimed to balance the pro scene. Don’t get me wrong, this will impact your everyday pubs, but it does introduce much more strategy involved in Champion and item selection that is crucial in the pro scene. Don’t expect these changes to completely change the meta, Riot state that they’ve been very “selective in the champions we chose to add these mechanics to, keeping in mind their status in the game currently.” 9.14 also includes an update for Teamfight Tactics that includes the addition of ranked Beta Season, gameplay balancing and bug fixes.

League of legends patch 9. 14 is live
The winners and losers of 9.14

Here are the official counters that Riot have introduced to specific Champions:
• Anti-shield (Blitzcrank and Renekton both receive the ability to break shield before damage applied)
• Anti-healing (Katarina and Kled healing reduction increased to 60%)
• Flat damage reduction (Leona and Fizz receive buffs that can reduce up to 50% damage)
• Improvements to true sight mechanics (Karma, LeBlanc and Morgana all have the abilities that provide True Sight)
• Anti-mobility (Ahri, Cassiopeia and Poppy all receive buffs to help them control or outplay slippery opponents)

The new and improved Death Recap is also love, featuring damage type breakdowns, fight duration, and CC duration. There’s also quite a number of Champion buffs, nerfs and ‘adjustments’ in 9.14, far too many to discuss here. Abed finally, what League patch isn’t complete without new skins? 9.14 introduces Demacia Vice Garen and Demacia Vice Lucian.

To view the complete 9.14 patch notes please click here, or to view the complete TFT patch notes click here.

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