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Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge From The Simpsons is now playable

I suggest ‘Feather Touch’? You have entered ‘Power Drive’

Welcome to the year 2020 where everything seems to be going wrong, I mean players can’t even get a copy of Bonestorm to keep them entertained. Luckily Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge has finally been made playable to give us the same thrilling experience. Somebody make sure my old pal Rhys Inkpen has already loaded up and knocked one into the parking lot.


The game was shared by former Simpson writer Bill Oakley on Twitter and was built by Aaron Demeter, which recreates the terrible game!

You have a choice to play the game correctly or stick with what we know best and smash one into the parking lot. It sure is a terrible game but it is a lovely bit of nostalgia from the Simpson vault.

If you wish to check the game out yourself and maybe test your golfing skills head on over here for your taste of Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge.

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