Matumbaman taking a break from dota 2, chaos disbanded?
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MATUMBAMAN taking a break from Dota 2, Chaos disbanded?

It appears as if MATUMBAMAN and his shorts will be taking a break from Dota, well at least until the 2nd major of the DPC season. There’s no official date, or host for the 2nd major yet, but tentative dates released by Valve for the 2nd Major are Jan 18-26.

It appears as if rumors of Chaos disbanding are true, as both KheZu and MiLAN have indicated that they’re looking for a team. Combine this with Matu’s likely departure and you can assume that the entire roster will either be let go, or rebuilt. No official word from Chaos yet (or vtFaded/Misery), but that’s all part of the craft post-TI shuffle!

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