Matumbaman to join team secret? Midone out?
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MATUMBAMAN to join Team Secret? MidOne out?

Update- Team Secret confirm MATUMBAMAN joins team as MidOne depart

What do you do when you’re on holidays? Join one of the biggest organizations in Europe, of course. The latest rumors coming out of Europe is that Puppey will make a change to his roster, dropping MidOne after his disappointing TI9 performance for the man with the most famous shorts on Esports- MATUMBAMAN.

  2. Nisha
  3. Zai
  4. Yapzor
  5. Puppey

Despite Matu stating that he will be on vacation until the 2nd Major, it appears as if it may be a working holiday. The rumored lineup sees Matu joining Secret as their new carry, thus moving Nisha to the mid lane. The rest of the roster remains status quo and on paper, is one of the strongest rosters in Dota.

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