Microsoft e3 press conference leaked? Next-gen xbox, gears 5, fable and more
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Microsoft E3 Press Conference leaked? Next-Gen Xbox, Gears 5, Fable and more

With E3 2019 merely weeks away, you would expect a big company such as Microsoft to be playing their cards close to their chest and ensure no information about their E3 plans would surface. Well, Mr. Gates isn’t going to be too happy. In fact, no one at Microsoft will be too happy as NeoGAF user Braldryr has leaked some serious information about Microsoft’s E3 2019 plans.  

Microsoft e3 press conference leaked? Next-gen xbox, gears 5, fable and more

Braldryr goes into great detail about what we can expect from Microsoft for not only their E3 press conference, but also for the next 18 months. Braldryr is confident, so confident in fact that he describes the following as “What is going to happen”-

  • Halo Infinite – New trailer, information and holiday 2020 release date
  • Gears 5 – Full gameplay reveal with a September release date
  • Gears Tactics – Trailer with a PC release date this year
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps – Final trailer and release date this year
  • Bleeding Edge – A new IP from Ninja Theory
  • The Outer Worlds – New trailer and release date
  • Cyberpunk 2077 – New gameplay trailer and a targeted date
  • Age of Empires 4 – Gameplay reveal and 2020 release date
  • Fable  – Conformation of a new Fable in the works
  • Sea of Thieves – New content update
  • Battletoads – Gameplay reveal and release date
  • Project xCloud – Information about Microsoft’s cloud gaming service including public test dates
  • Next-Gen Xbox –Small reveal with specs, but no physical reveal

If that wasn’t enough, Braldryr considers the following as a “rather high probability of happening”. –

  • MechAssault – A VERY high chance of a reveal
  • Forza Motorsport – Tease for next-gen Forza and possibly Forza Horizon 4 expansion annoucement
  • New Capcom Game – Possible Resident Evil 3 remake, Dead Rising 5 or Dino Crisis Reboot, or even Resident Evil 8 (doubtful)

To finish this post, Braldryr said that the following were a “small possibility of happening” and were most likely future projects. –

  • Next-Gen Rare Game – described by Rare as “If you enjoy a game like Sea of Thieves, then you will be looking forward to their next project”
  • Perfect Dark Reboot – 3rd person view rather than 1st person and being developed by Dlala Studios, NOT Rare.
  • Xbox Game Studios Acquisitions – Possible purchase announcements of IO Interactive, Asobo, and Relic Entertainment

If you weren’t excited for E3 2019 before, I can bet you are now!

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