Mineski, na'vi & infamous are off to the international 2019
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Mineski, Na’Vi & Infamous are off to The International 2019

This week has seen the conclusion of the CIS, SEA and South American regional qualifier as Mineski, Natus Vincere and Infamous were all too good in their Regional Qualifiers. All 3 of these teams had DPC seasons they’d rather forget, but as OG proved last year- if you can make it to TI, you can win it!

Mineski, na'vi & infamous are off to the international 2019
Who’s your pick for EU, NA and China?

Mineski needed 5 games to overcome Team Jinesbrus, a 5 man stack compiled of Gunnar, Forev, Febby, March and perhaps one of the most talented young carries in Southeast Asia, 23savage. It could have been a different story as Game 4 saw Jinesbrus had complete control, 2-1 up in the series and in control of the game. Jinesbrus decided to play on instinct and take an opportunity to end the game, going for T4’s rather than the safe option of backing after a T3 tower, claiming Aegis and take map control and grind Mineski into submission. Instead, Jinesbrus over extended, giving up their gold lead, Aegis and giving Mineski momentum that saw them take Game 4 and eventually Game 5. Nikobaby seamlessly slotted into the team, proving that the desicion to drop Ajhit for Nikobaby was exactly what Mineski needed to inject new blood into their line up as they join Fnactic and TNC Predator at TI9.

Love the emotion from these boys!

Na’Vi, Na’Vi, Na’Vi! That’s right, after 3 years of failing the qualify for TI the resurgent Na’Vi shocked the CIS region and are off to TI9. To be honest, if any team other than Gambit Esports won the CIS Regional Qualifiers it was definitely going to be a shock as no one could have predicted how the CIS qualifiers unfolded. Gambit choked, plain and simple. After a run of disappointing results, Gambit had everything on the line as Afoninje clearly felt the pressure, dying to a 3-man rotation and rage quitting with the game and more importantly, Gambit’s TI chances on the line. Winstrike Team were just as impressive as Na’Vi, advancing their way through the upper bracket and into the Grand Final against Na’Vi. Na’Vi had early defeated Winstrike in the group stage and proved that this was no fluke, needing only 3 games to claim their spot at TI9.

It’s weird to think this is the first TI Na’Vi will attend without Dendi…

Infamous had nothing to lose, especially after dropping their roster 10 days before the SA qualifiers were set to begin. Days later, Infamous annouced that they’ve picked up the roster from Team Anvorgesa, a stack that made it to the playoff stage of the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota2 Minor. Despite this, paiN Gaming were the red hot favorites to take out the SA qualifiers and looked to be well on their way, powering through the group stage and upper bracket where they previously defeated Infamous to book their spot in the Grand Final. Much like the CIS qualifiers, Infamous only needed 3 games as they comprehensively defeated paiN Gaming, proving that Infamous’ move was a masterstroke as they be sole representation from SA at TI9.

The final 3 qualifers are already underway, which means that in 3 days time we will have all 18 teams that will be attending The Interntional 2019. Be sure to catch all the action from the Europe, China and North America Qualifers over at Beyond The Summits Twitch channel here.

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