Modern warfare season 3 is here
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Modern Warfare Season 3 is here

For anyone living under a rock lately Modern Warfare Season 3 dropped yesterday, April 8th. Season 3 brings with it another Battle Pass with 100 tiers of unlockable loot that includes operator skins, weapon blueprints, weapon stickers, calling cards, emblems, sprays and in game currency.

Season 3 has also re-introduced Alex as a playable operator for anyone purchasing the season 3 Battle Pass, for players familiar with the campaign Alex was the operator who sacrificed himself for the greater good, or so we thought. Looks like he only sacrificed his left leg. Players will also get access to a shirtless Yegor who looks an awful lot like John Finley from Tiger King, trust me look him up!

For all the Warzone fans out there, quads have replaced of trio squads. Solo mode is still available and at this stage duos are not a thing, although Activision has said they are looking into it. Activision have also added in paint customisation to vehicles more commonly seen in Warzone, so players can now customise their trucks, helicopters and four wheelers.

Three new maps have been added in multiplayer which includes Hover Sawmill, a three lane map with medium to long range sights. Aniyah Palace was featured in Ground War but a much smaller map. The third map for anyone familiar with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, is Talsik Backlot which is a dense map with close quarter fights and sniper vantage points. There is a new mosh pit playlist with just the these maps in the rotation so players can familiarise themselves with the layouts.

Modern warfare season 3 is here
Modern warfare season 3 is here 1

Activision have confirmed that new battle royal modes will be released throughout this season along with a new operator. Season three is looking the goods. See you all on the battlefield.

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