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Monstrum 2 – A Taste of Things to Come

Monstrum 2 – an asymmetric multiplayer game, taking survival horror to the next level!

Back in 2015 Team Junkfish developed Monstrum a survival horror that seen 4 players try their hardest to escape a derelict ship with procedurally generated levels all while being hunted by AI-driven predators. The game was received highly by players and gained a cult following of its own, also receiving very positive ratings of 90% on Steam. Now Junkfish are back with all-new Monstrum 2, bringing with it a new map, new monsters and all-new ways to shit your pants play!

Even though Monstrum 2 isn’t ready for release until Q4 2020 the team here at MEF TECH were lucky enough to get an early access pass to test our skills. In Monstrum 2 the biggest change was, of course, players can now take control of 1 of 2 monsters to hunt down other players (prisoners). This has now added a completely different aspect to the game from the original and has changed it from being a 4 player to a 4v1 player game, allowing the 5th player to take control of the monster and hunt down the prisoners. The game is played out on a procedurally generated metal labyrinth called “Sparrowlock” which is a repurposed sea fortress that keeps each match dynamic through changes to layout, puzzles, items and obstacles.

The game concept is great and shows a lot of promise to deliver fans of the first entry even more heart-racing experiences that they crave.

I pondered about the future of Monstrum 2 and was lucky enough to ask the developers a few questions. Thankfully Adam Dart – founder Team Junkfish was kind enough to deliver the answers.

Do you have plans for cross-play?

We are definitely not ruling that out, but we are a small team so our current focus is on making the PC experience as good as it can be, before we branch out into consoles and start exploring the possibility for cross-platform matches in the future.

Will different prisoner attributes be introduced? 

There won’t be any attributes as we are using the environment as a game balancing factor for prisoners. There will be new tools and items added to the sea fort to spice up the game as we go along, and it’s up to the individual player to adapt and make strategic choices on the fly. You’ll need to stay tuned to see what those are and how they’ll impact Monstrum 2.” 

Will there be more items to help evade the beast?

There are currently multiple items which can blind and distract the monsters so you can get away. We will leave the player to discover them ingame! As more monster enter the arena, there will also be more items developed as counter-measures against them.

Even know Monstum 2 isn’t releasing for a while, they have opened up pre-orders for a special discounted price. Pre-orders will receive exclusive in-game content and get guaranteed access to the closed beta. Check out a list of the pre-order bonuses below.

  • Special discounted price of $12.99 (SRP $14.99)
  • Play Monstrum 2 in Early Access in Q4 2020
  • Exclusive pre-order nameplate
  • Monstrum 1 Classic Brute Skin
  • Monstrum 1 Classic Prisoner Outfit
  • Monstrum 1 Prisoner accessory

For more on Monstum 2, check out our previous coverage.

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