Mordhau - 500,000 copies sold in first week!
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MORDHAU – 500,000 copies sold in first week!

MORDHAU, the PC medieval slasher game from developer Triternion, has sold
approximately 500,000 copies in its first week.

The milestone announced on the gamesforums with the post from May 6th saying “MORDHAU has sold just shy of 500.000 copies and we have reached a peak of 60.000 concurrent players” going on to say “These are just mindblowing numbers to us, and we still haven’t fully realized that MORDHAU is currently among the top played games on Steam.”

Despite some server performance issues, reward drops and unlocks not functioning properly MORDHAU has still pulled off an incredible first week. With the devs working on setting up new servers, fixing critical issues, matchmaking related bugs and future maps in mid-production. MORDHAU is going to build a strong community in 2019.

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The game itself the result of a 2017 Kickstarter campaign with 4,375 backers pledging $298,608 to help bring this project to life. Mordhau launched on April 29 so grab your self a copy over at Steam.

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