Mordhau releases an experimental ranked mode for duels
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Mordhau Releases an Experimental Ranked Mode for Duels

It seems Mordhau is here to fight to the end and they are bringing the fight the best way the can, with ranked 1 v 1 duels. Developer Triternion has released the duels mode now in the latest version and also plan on expanding once they nail the duels just right. This may not seem like a huge thing for most people but for me I am all with this idea, sometimes I would get so frustrated when dueling with a couple of foes, only to get 5 arrows shot in my back and sides… but I guess this is war right?

That time MEF TECH took on Mordhau

In a blog post released by Triternion they have made a few promises stating “we’ve decided to break up our incoming additions into smaller updates to ensure that we can release new content without excessive delays. Expect iterative patches coming in the very near future that will build upon what’s currently available, and stay tuned for even more content and features soon, such as new maps, modding support, more gameplay adjustments and improvements for weapons, shields and archers and the new Invasion game mode” If you would like to read the rest of the blog you can check it out here.

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