Mortal kombat movie reboot is on the way
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Mortal Kombat Movie reboot is on the way

FIGHT! The last Mortal Kombat movie was released over two decades ago, but finally MK will be returning to the big screen with a confirmed reboot of the action movie. MK is set to begin pre-productio later this month and begin filming later this year. The news keeps on getting better as the new Mortal Kombat movie will be filmed and produced in South Australia, Australia- The home of MEF TECH.

James Wan, best known for directing Aquaman and Furious 7, will take the reigns as Producer for the reboot. Joining Wan is Simon McQuoid, an award winning filmmaker who will be making his Directing debut with Mortal Kombat. Other names confirmed for the reboot are Todd Garner as a producer, Greg Russo will be responsible for screenplay, while Larry Kasanoff, E. Bennett Walsh, Michael Clear and Sean Robins to all named as executive producers. Having all of these names working on Mortal Kombat is a promising sign, the last thing MK fans want is another B grade flop.

This is actually a big deal for South Australia- A little state in Australia best known for our Churches and Wine rather than our movies. State Premier Steven Marshall gone on record to say that MK will inject around $70 million into the South Australian economy, create 580 jobs and 1,500 roles as extras on the film. “It’s the biggest production that’s ever been in Adelaide, that’s for sure, and because it’s an action-adventure film, the requirements are so much more and it goes into manufacturing and it goes into just the amount of people we have to hire,” Marshall said.

This gets me thinking, who would you want to see in the MK reboot? Jimmy as Kano? Little Chris as Johnny Cage? or Grimley as Raiden?

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