Nba 2k20 dunks its way into the july #psplusplays challenge
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NBA 2K20 dunks its way into the July #PSPlusPlays challenge

July #PSPlusPlays shows off their dunking skills in NBA 2K20

July’s #PSPlusPlays is heating up with PlayStation Australia announcing its latest monthly challenge. Players will once again have the chance to win an exclusive prize pack by showing off their dunking skills NBA 2K20. 

Your best MyPLAYER dunk is what is being put to the test this time in July’s #PSPlusPlays challenge for NBA 2K20, with the best entry winning a physical NBA All-Star 2020 Prize Pack & Anthony Davis LA Lakers Jersey, plus 450,000 Virtual Currency.

The awesome prize can be won by any baller game enough to load up NBA 2K20 on their PS4 and share their attempt to Twitter with the hashtag #PSPlusPlays.

For all our previous coverage on #PSPlusPlays you can find that here.

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