Need for speed reveal coming
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Need for Speed Countdown Teasing Reveal

Need for Speed have just had their website updated and by the looks of it, Electronic Arts is about to reveal their upcoming game.

As of the time of posting the timer on the website sits at 2 days, 5 hours 43 minutes and 7 seconds left until they lift the cover on this new fast paced racing game.

Need for speed countdown teasing reveal

The Need For Speed franchise quickly became a huge name in most peoples household with the first installment being released in 1994.

Although NFS 1 and NFS 2 were fantastic games that came with huge success, it wasn’t until I laid my eyes upon NFS 3 Hot Pursuit were I was completely addicted. I spent hours playing/modding that game and some of my fondest gaming memories around the track and with the soundtrack itself.

The upcoming title will be the 24th primary installment into the franchise and I am sure for their 25th anniversary they have big plans coming our way.

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