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Need For Speed Heat Studio App Adds Augmented Reality

The car customisation app for EA’s upcoming street racing title Need for Speed Heat is getting their fans even closer to the action by adding Augmented Reality so players can show off their one-of-a-kind rides.

Just last month the NFS Heat Studio invited players to explore their imagination and style by creating their ideal custom cars. The app has alreasy been widely used by over 2 million users with players drawn to the Nissans in particular! The Nissan 180sx 1996, the Nissan Skyline GT-R VSpec1999 and the Nissan 350Z all seem to be extremely popular cars! What car would you choose? Surely I would go a Mazda 323 or Datsun 120y… although they would most likely never be in a NFS game! (And for good reason)

Now the NFS Heat Studio are shifting gears by making sure all players with AR capable smart phones can take the sweet custom rides they’ve made and drop them into their home or garage and check them out. Plenty of feature included with the AR including, environment integration for shadows and reflections, flexible scaling and players can even rotate them in the app, to ensure that social media photo is just mint!

If you havent got that app already then I suggest you getting downloading now, because each week until launch, Need for Speed Heat we’ll be adding more cars for players to express their creativity in the NFS Heat Studio. In the App players can customize their own custom rides to suit their play-style and needs. If players build a custom ride now, you’ll get to import it into the game when it launches on November 8.

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