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New Death Stranding Trailer Shows Heartman who Lives for 21 minutes at a time.

Sony Interactive released a new trailer for their fans of the upcoming new release Death Stranding. The trailer below shows the story of Heartman, a character who lives for 21 minutes at a time and then his heart will stop for 3 minutes. During the time of death Heartman seeks his family who are on the other side and once awake he starts the 21 minutes all over again. Check it out

This video was first shown at San Dieago Comic-Con last week but was only shown to a select few and now thankfully we get to see for ourselves. Death Stranding will be the first game from legendary game creator Hideo Kojima since leaving Konami in 2015, it is set for release on November 8 2019 on the Playstation 4.

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