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New Silent Hill Is coming… to a casino?

Are you a complete Silent Hill nutter like me and have been wondering when your next hit of horror is coming? well wait no more, because Silent Hill is coming but this time for some reason as a slot machine headed for the casino! Why have they done this you might ask? F**k knows and F**k cares, all I want to do is punch out 5 dollar slaps and roll up 5 Pyramid heads for the freaky free spin feature. To be honest though, this may seem strange but it really isn’t, however the news of this slot machine has got little Chris more excited than the first time he seen Ricky Martin sing Shake Your Bon-Bon!

New silent hill is coming... To a casino?

The slot machine called Silent Hill: Escape is part of Konami Gaming, Inc that deals in the manufacturing of casino games. This isn’t the first time Silent Hill has been on a slot machine however as Konami Gaming have been in the business of slot machines for years. The game is being described as a “for-wager slot experience” and will feature a 49 inch curved 4k display.

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