Newbee officially sign ex-forward gaming roster
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Newbee officially sign ex-Forward Gaming roster

It’s official, Newbee have acquired the former Forward Gaming roster. Rumors began circling as all 6 members recently began following Newbee on Twitter, shortly after Sneyking announced that an official announcement will be made soon regarding which organization has picked them up.  

What does this mean for the original Newbee roster? Well… nothing, essentially. This acquistation of the recent Forward Gaming team will be strictly for The International 2019, meaning the original roster of JiaJia, Sccc, awen, Waixi and Fenrir are still members of Newbee (well, at least until the post-TI shuffle). As the original Newbee failed to qualify for TI, Newbee aren’t breaching any rules or regulations as they still have only one team representing their organization at a Major. As for the Forward Gaming team, their future is entirely in their hands- Perform well at TI9 and there will be a host of organizations looking to pick up their roster. Underperform and you’d expect the team to disband and go their seperate ways.

Newbee officially sign ex-forward gaming roster
Nailed it!

It’s a win-win situation for both parties- Newbee will have a team representing their organization on home soil, while the ex-Forward Gaming boys will have the support of a big org that will allow them to prepare for the biggest event in the Dota calendar. Come to think of it, Newbee.CCnC does have a nice ring to it…

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