Newbee to pick up forward gaming roster?
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Newbee to pick up Forward Gaming roster?

EDIT- Newbee have officially confirmed the acquisition of Forward Gaming’s roster for The International 2019, read more about it HERE.

After the recent demise of the Forward Gaming organization, it left the former roster abandoned and without the crucial support of an organization with less than a month until the biggest tournament in eSports history- The International 2019… until now! Sneyking recently revealed some great news for the ex-FG boys, confirming that an oganization has picked up their roster and they’ll be formally announcing the news soon.


The question is, who has picked you the roster? Early rumors linked Cloud 9 could return to Dota 2, which made sense as it would be a win-win for both parties. But recent rumors indicate that Newbee is the organization most likely to pick up the former Forward Gaming roster. Reddit user DropOutBoy11 recently noticed that all 6 members have recently started to follow Newbee on Twitter. Don’t get too excited though, SneyKing has been a busy boy on Twitter, following representatives from organizations such as 100 Thieves, OpTic Gaming, Immortals and of course, Cloud 9. It could be any one of these great organizations. However, Newbee makes the most sense. The International 2019 is in China, the Newbee roster didn’t quite make it to TI9, and what better support to have than one of the biggest orgs in China? Could we see the team of YawaR, CCnC, SneyKing, MSS, pieliedie and Aui 2000 represent Newbee.NA? It’s looking this way and I’m bloody excited!

Newbee to pick up forward gaming roster?
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