Next-gen xbox accessories, coming november 10th.
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Next-gen Xbox Accessories, Coming November 10th.

Pre-Orders for Xbox Series X and S went on sale at 8am EST, and if like me and 99.9% of others who tried pre-ordering you would have come away empty handed, despite that, Xbox announced a collection of new accessories to compliment the launch of the Xbox Series X and S on November 10th.

The new Xbox Wireless Controller will be available in three unique colours; Carbon Black which comes with the Series X, Robot White with the Series S and a new Shock Blue which we have not seen post pre-orders. All three colour options will be available separately at launch and are optimised for next-gen game play.

Next-gen xbox accessories, coming november 10th.
Next-gen xbox accessories, coming november 10th. 1

The new controllers feature an ergonomic design and performance-boosting updates that are now standard on all new Xbox Wireless Controllers. Textured grip on the bumpers, triggers, and back case, with the Elite controller-inspired hybrid D-pad that enables greater precision with easier access to diagonals and sweeps. The new integrated share button allows players to capture and record gameplay at the touch of button. PC and Mobile players will also be able to easily pair the controllers to their device.

Xbox also revealed a rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cable, allowing you to fully charge your controller in under 4 hours.

Next-gen xbox accessories, coming november 10th.
Next-gen xbox accessories, coming november 10th. 2

These accessories will be available for pre-order today, EB Games Australia online price at the time of this review: Xbox Next Gen Controller – $89.95 AUD, Battery + USB Charger – $29.95 AUD and are being sold alongside pre-orders for the Xbox Series S Xbox Series X.

Whether you’re upgrading your current setup, adding to an existing collection, or starting a new one, follow us here at MEF Tech to stay up to date with everything Xbox.

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