Nfs heat - review in progress...
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NFS Heat – Review in progress…

After taking a year off Ghost Games are back with the 24th installment of the Need for Speed franchise, NFS Heat, set to be released this Friday the 8th. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the series and with the absence of a release last year, the expectations for the new game are high, very high.

NFS Heat is tasked with the huge job of trying to recapture a waning audience and bring back the feeling of awe you had when you got your first taste of a Need for Speed title, be it the original game The Need for Speed, or if you were a little late to the party like me who popped his NFS cherry with Need for Speed III – Hot Pursuit, no other game at the time offered the same sensation as the NFS franchise and it dominated a generation of PC racers.

Stay tuned for our full review of Need For Speed Heat coming November 8th. I for one am pretty excited and pegging this is the next big hit for the franchise. *holds breath

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